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    Saturday, August 21, 2010

    Gastric distress-related ED visits may increase during the holidays.

    At hospitals, gastric distress is a part of the holiday tradition." Indeed, "in the early hours of Thanksgiving...emergency rooms are typically empty," but certain turkey-cooking practices "can easily strike a blow" to diners. Typically, a frozen turkey is left on a countertop for 12 hours, while a roasted bird may sit "for two or three hours before" reaching the table. "During that time, a virus or bacterium can land on the food and start growing," causing gastroenteritis. "Although bacteria will die" once the bird is reheated, "the toxins made by the bacteria that cause illness can survive even in a hot oven." Bones have also been known to trigger "trips to the hospital," and those "with heart conditions should avoid too much salt, which can trigger an accumulation of fluid in the lungs."

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