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    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Don't spend your life trying to impress others

    Because even if you convince others that you're great, have you convinced yourself?

    I’ve heard a great sermon. It’s this.

    Next time you're in a conversation, see how long it takes the other person (and yourself!) to start mentioning personal accomplishments. A movie star who believes his fan mail is in trouble. Because he's built a house of cards. And when he falls, he'll fall hard. Chasing after honor is a sign that you don't sufficiently respect yourself. It's like saying, "I might not amount to much, but if I can make others think I do, then I'm worth something."

    One of the most destructive ways of trying to impress others is by role-playing. We act out characters that we think others will like. Did you ever notice how your personality can change in the presence of different people? We may go through 10 or 20 roles per day!

    But it's not true. It's chasing "fool's gold" -- yellow and glittery, but worthless. Deep down you feel like a fraud. People who are satisfied with themselves don't need public recognition to reassure their worth. If you depend upon the opinions of others to determine how good you are, then you become like a leaf in the wind, fluttering in whichever direction the fads of the time blow you. If you have confidence in your own worth, you'll be better able to follow opinions that are your own and not society's.

    Always ask yourself: "What is my real motive?"
    • Don't get trapped in the obsessive need for recognition.
    • Seeking the approval of others harms you, because it keeps you from the real work of becoming great.
    • If you need others to verify your significance, it's time to examine your self-esteem.
    • When you act to impress others, you feel the emptiness inside.
    • When you get the urge to toot your own horn, ask yourself: Who am I trying to impress?
    • Even if you convince people that you're the greatest person in the world, have you convinced yourself?

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